Company Overview

We offer high quality, cost effective business focused IT solutions to empower the effective use of information technology in business today. With a wide range of expertise, and through seamless investments in visualization and cloud computing, SR Hives offers Artificial Intelligence, UI/UX, Startup Incubation, Information security, Communication & Collaboration (ERP and CRM Solution), Optimization, Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Marketing (Conventional and Digital) and Mobile Application Development. Browse through our services page to know more detail.

We are Software Development Experts

At SR Hives we create elegant and frustration-free web, mobile and operational IT solutions for businesses. As a CRM software development company, our CRM platform can assist businesses to manage all interactions with prospective as well as existing customers whilst simultaneously providing data analysis to measure sales performance and drive sales growth. As our products are custom build to your specific requirements, our ERP software on the seven hives website)development company attributes seamless business integrations that streamlines operation processes with finesse. Our expert team of mobile developers know how to create mobile apps that encapsulates a company’s unique ideas – looking great and performing expertly in the hands of their customers.

Much More than a Software Development Company

SR Hives has developed its prestige as a digital marketing company and social media marketing agency by cultivating innovative digital services across a wide spectrum of marketing channels. Also considered the best SEO company in Pakistan, our SEO professionals have the vision and expertise to improve any company’s digital footprint on the web effectively to generate improved business. Our core objective is effectively deploy a variety of technical solutions, whilst simultaneously providing the insight and agility to stay one step ahead. We are constantly evolving and developing alongside our clients, and with a strong foundation in communication and collaboration we continuously ensure results aligned to every business’s unique objectives. Contact us today to discuss your company’s journey into the digital future.

The SR Hives Vision and Mission

Our Mission to help businesses move to the next level. We aim to provide IT Business Solutions that address the complexities of competing in a an environment dramatically shaped by current economic conditions as well as ongoing challenges such as globalization, increasing customer demands, and escalating operational costs. At SR Hives we believe in moving forward and we’re always seeking to improve our skills and services. The Core Vision of SR Hives is the pursuit of knowledge and skill, empowering business with exceptional digital solutions along the way. Our focus is and will always be to create innovative IT Business Solutions aligned to every business’s unique objectives.

Meet the SR Hives Team

With our head office based in Pakistan, we are a team of three global regions; Pakistan, UK and South Africa. Combining the best possible efforts and skills available to bring you a wide range of IT consulting Services. To that end, we continuously expand our team, employing specialists in design, development, marketing and sales. Our growth chart boasts a team of 50+ experts, and is the culmination of ever-evolving expertise in diversified market segments in the region.

The SR Hives global team is well presented as multicultural and creative, offering IT Consulting Services made from a diverse range of knowledge and experience from different parts of the world. We are committed to providing a valuable experience for our clients and those we work with. We proudly uphold a reputation of service of uncompromising quality with exceptional passion. Our formula of success is a dynamic combination of right people for your project. Our team comprises highly motivated people in their respective areas as listed below:

Majid Masood


Rizwan Arshad


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